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Stair Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts in Charlotte to Wilmington

Stair Lifts Wheelchair Lifts Improved You Mobility and give you the independence to live in your own home. Sales and Rentals – (800) 228-1779


*Every Lift Includes A Total Parts & Labor Warranty

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Affordable Stair Lifts and Wheelchairs will help you to live in your home. Call Stair-A-Lift in Charlotte, NC and Wilmington, NC to get your Stair Lift installed. Rentals available. (800) 228-1779

Stair Lift  and  Wheelchair Lifts 


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Affordable Stair Lifts and Wheel chair Lifts make it safe to live in your home even if you have mobility issues. Call Stair-A-Lift in Charlotte, NC or Wilmington, NC today - (800) 228-1779

Straight Stairlift

New and Used Stair Lifts and Chair Lifts in stock for Quick Installation

Buy or Rent Stair Lifts (w/option to buy)

Stair Lifts attaches to stairs, Not to the wall

Have your StairLift installed in ONE day!

Compact design and virtually maintenance free

Indoor & Outdoor versital stairlift models. 

Beach install model available

Inclusive Parts and Service Warranty

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Wheelchair Lifts and Stair Lifts are a good solution to help you continue to live in your own home. Call Stair-A-Lift Today – Charlotte, NC or Wilmington, NC - (800) 228-1779

Curved StairLift

Turn climbing curved, split and spiral stairs from a challenge to simple with the push of a button.

Fits most stairways & stops at any landing

Battery Operated System w/ auto charge.

Chairlift still operates if the power goes out for an hour or a day.

Power swivel seat or top overrun extension at the top landing

90d or 180d wrap around park positions top & bottom

Ingenious space saving narrow rail design

Indoor & Outdoor installation

Choice of colors and fabrics.

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Wheel Chair Lifts in North Carolina


Wheelchair Lift

Vertical Platform Lifts

Travel heights from 3in. to 14ft.

Proven performance for many years of daily use

Inside or Outdoors & Beach installation

500lbs-750lbs capable lifting capacity

Easy to operate up/down platform controller and 

landing call send contols

Under platform obstruction safety sensor

Integrated safety landing gates & doors

Uses standard 120v house current (Battery Backup available)

Built in the USA meets ASME A18.1

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Wheelchair Lift

Incline Platform Lifts for straight stairways

Wheelchair or scooter access on stairs

500lbs lift capacity - Up to 40ft of travel

Manual fold up platform - folds to 13"

Battery operated w/ auto charge system

Simple to use up/down platform control operation

Wireless remote call send landing controls

Automatic flip-up landing access ramps

Up down ramp & under platform obstruction safety sensor

No structural modifications required

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